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What We Stand For

We stand for uniting as a single voting block. We will use our unity and numbers as negotiating power to achieve the objectives we stand for. Everyday healthy people need the freedom to choose to risk death and go outside. To work and to sustain their relationships so they can produce and provide for vulnerable people. Living is working and we claim it as a fundamental human right. We are pro-honest government and we are seeking a legal remedy. Top experts and scientists back up our position that lockdowns are unprecedented and harmful. Lockdowns kill people. “Lockdown caused more deaths than it saved.” Michael Levitt, Nobel laureate scientist. “This is a tragic, misguided public policy to extend this lockdown, whether or not it was justifiable in the beginning.” Dr Scott Atlas. Lockdowns are not acceptable because they are very harmful and cause complicated damages that have not been studied. This means they subject us to a medical experiment. We know there are many damaging and complicated effects of lockdowns. Yet there are no clinical trials of their effectiveness and safety. “There is nothing in the literature about what to expect.” Dr Birx, top US medical official. Lockdowns are not acceptable because they interfere with many fundamental human rights including the freedom of movement, the freedom to protest, to assemble, to associate and the freedom to work.


Community Reviews

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Amazing Community

I’m really liking the massive improvements on this site guys! Well done. It’s user friendly! 👏👏


Such A Positive Movement

Can not wait to see where this goes. Such a positive movement. Making all the right moves at the start. Attacking the problem and the cause directly.


Incredible Design!

I’m really loving it so far it looks great, Ive made a few websites myself and enjoy Photoshop, Ive run a few different business so would love to contribute in any way because I’m a perfectionist and I want this to be a success.


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