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I am a lawyer starting a class action with regards to the influenza mandate. This is against human rights. Not only that, there are no independent vaccine safety studies. Furthermore the Cochrane review provided that influenza vaccines are not efficient- meaning they don’t do what they are supposed to. There are also horrendous side effects on the labels themselves such as neurological disorders. Please advise if you are interested in joining this class action. My name is Serene Teffaha. My mobile is 0425754299.

Please note that I am representing the following:

  1. People who have been suspended or terminated from their employ because of their refusal- based on all reasons whether religious, no safety studies, being pregnant etc.
  2. People who have been denied access to visiting a loved one at an aged care facility for their refusal.
To clarify:

The first step in the class action will be a human rights and equal opportunity complaint nationally based on breach of right to self-determination. The onus is on Government to demonstrate that to abrogate that right you need to demonstrate that the influenza vaccine is safe and is efficient and there is an emergency situation that must be mitigated. What also needs to be demonstrated is that the adverse reactions can be mitigated such as neurological disorders and immune disorders listed as possible adverse reactions. In this scenario, it is clear that the evidence is not forthcoming. Of further concern are pregnant women, people who have existing immune issues and vulnerable members of society who are prone to the adverse reactions of the influenza vaccine. I will speak with people individually and let them know the subsequent steps.

Please share this post and spread the word. My timeline for canvassing interest is 3-6 weeks. My experience in litigation against Government is that these issues need to be dealt with collectively. Strength in numbers. I want to tackle this strategically.

By Serene Teffaha
Lawyer – Vaccine Mandate Class Action

For Australians only please.

Join The Class Action Vaccine Mandate

Dear Serene,

I heard about your vaccine mandate class action from and I have been affected by vaccine mandates. Please contact me so that I can learn more about joining your class action.

Thank You.

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