Doc 1- Brian Shaw co join

Please read all instructions carefully

Step 1. Read instructions below along with all with all information provided on the
(Brian Shaw Information) Link

Step 2. Download the the Co Join Application via the
(Brian Shaw Co Join Application Link)

Step 3. Complete the Co Join Application according to the instructions below.

Introduction to Co Join Application by Brian W. Shaw

Hello and thank you

Instructions for letter or email:

Please note: If you would like to electronically sign and email back you must ensure your signature is identical to your hand written version.

Sign the co-join  (File  co-join ) form/document  and complete details , print name , sign, your own email address and date, if scanning and emailing back email to  or 

 If posting back send to 

G. J Donohue , c/o 17 Macqueen Street , Korumburra VIC 3950  

If sending by post remember to send photocopy and keep original, thank you 


Please note the following files available are to inform you of process and all relevant information and context :

-          File :  Introduction                   - Introduction information for you              

-          File : Reply to Grand Jury       - Explains Grand Jury , information on proceedings

-          File : 1986                                - Regarding Australia Act

-          File : co-join                            - Document to sign and return  ( address above)

-          File : Hulls/Andrews              - Information regarding Hulls and Andrews

-     File : Grand Jury                   - More information of process of Grand Jury

WE WILL PREVAIL ... #noconsent

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