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    “Another study suggesting a large proportion of asymptomatic #SARSCoV2 infections even in the elderly. 80.9% of residents in care homes for the over 65s in England who tested positive were asymptomatic (a small proportion of these may be pre-symptomatic).”


    AHPRA is the enemy in Australia. They are the ones that use militant tactics, guns drawn to smash doctors and health professionals that are sceptical of the government doctrine. Doctors needs free speech so that scientific process can play out through healthy discussion. Victims of quack doctors can…Read More

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End The Lockdown Restrictions (Sign Now)


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End The Lock Down Restrictions

I hereby protest against the widespread Covid-19 lockdown laws imposed by the Government.


- I do not consent to businesses and schools not being allowed to open.

- I do not consent to restricting my fundamental rights to liberty, freedom of movement, privacy, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and freedom of association.

- I do not consent to forced quarantines or forced isolations.

- I do not consent to forced medical treatment in order to enjoy fundamental freedoms.

- I do not consent to tracking people while enjoying fundamental freedoms.

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